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iPad 3 Prices Likely to Stay the Same as iPad 2?

by Sean P. Aune | March 2, 2012March 2, 2012 3:35 pm PST

iPad 3 - No Home Button

Call it the war of the price rumors, but at least one source is now saying that the iPad 3 will not see a price increase from the iPad 2.

Earlier this week a rumor went around about a potential $70 to $80 price increase for the iPad 3 over the iPad 2.  The source of this info was a picture of a price sheet that had shown up on Chinese micro blogging service Sina Weibo. At the time this came out we said we had some suspicions about the reliability of it:

… the pricing seems very out of line with Apple’s track record of offering you more value for your dollar with the updates of products. Typically, prices either hold steady or drop slightly, but it is fairly rare that they increase them. Additionally, part of the success of the iPad and iPad 2 has been that introductory price of $499, losing that pricing barrier could end up meaning a significant loss of market share, so, for now, we’re taking this with a very definite grain of salt.

Well, 9to5Mac is now reporting that a trusted source of their’s simply known as Mr. X has shown up to squash not only that rumor, but the idea that there would be no 64GB version as well.

According to Mr. X, there will indeed by the 16, 32 and 64GB versions we’ve grown accustomed to, and they will also hold steady at the prices we’ve known with the 16GB Wi-Fi version starting out at $499.

For now, it’s a war of rumors and anonymous sources, but we definitely have to agree that we never really thought a price increase was in the cards for the next iteration of the iPad.  We’ll finally be able to sort out fact from fiction at the iPad 3 media event next Wednesday, but until then, it’s going to continue to be a whole lot of guessing.

[via 9to5Mac]

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