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Intern Needed: TechnoBuffalo Automobile Department

by Mike Perlman | March 2, 2012March 2, 2012 9:30 pm PDT

i-want-you-for-technobuffaloDo you live life in the fast lane? Are you constantly dreaming of Zondas, Camaros and 911s? Is your middle name “Gearhead?” Then you might be the ideal candidate for the TechnoBuffalo Automobile Intern position! As you may have seen, TechnoBuffalo has been dabbling in Auto coverage since last year, but we’re ready to shift up to the next gear. If you can write like a champ and drive like Danica, then you’re just the speed machine we’re looking for.

Ideal candidates must possess the following:

  • Strong writing skills with the ability to work quickly and accurately
  • Vast knowledge of Automobiles and the industry
  • A keen eye for breaking news
  • Adeptness within the World Wide Internet
  • A fun, lovable personality
  • Located in the Northeast or on the West Coast

Other traits encouraged but not imperative:

  • The ability to drift a banked corner with one hand on the wheel and the other solving a Rubik’s Cube
  • A fondness for vintage and classic cars
  • A strong desire for universal oneness
  • Being a diehard New Jersey Devils fan

The Intern will be responsible for:

  • Hunting down and writing automobile news stories
  • Rumor posts
  • Features/How-tos
  • Possibly traveling with Mike to test drive and report on fun cars all over the country!

Benefits of being the TechnoBuffalo Automobile Intern:

  • Awesome resume and byline builder
  • College credit
  • If you’re good enough, we might hire you someday
  • The chance to work with Mike Perlman (which really is the top benefit)

Maybe you just need college credit. Maybe you want to expand your horizons. Maybe you have a thing for buffaloes. Whatever the case, email Mike Perlman at with a writing sample and paragraph explaining why you should be the Automobile Intern here at TechnoBuffalo. For the writing sample, find a current auto story or press release and show me how you’d cover it. Or, you can write a how-to or review. You can write about a make-believe car for all I care; I just want to get a taste of your writing skill and auto knowledge. Videos of you driving could help too. Good luck!


Mike Perlman

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