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AT&T Encouraging Customers to Upgrade From 2G Network

by Brandon Russell | March 2, 2012March 2, 2012 1:45 pm PDT

AT&T HeadquartersIf you’ve been hesitant to join in on the new fangled 3 and 4G mobile data speeds, your time to switch has come whether you want to or not. AT&T is planning to cut off its 2G customers, with reports hitting the web claiming the carrier is sending out notices as we speak urging folks to upgrade.

According to MarketWatch, Ma Bell has been contacting customers over recent weeks saying that older-model 2G phones might not be able to make or receive calls in the future. That’s a huge deal. In addition, the carrier cautioned customers “may experience degradation of your wireless service in certain areas.”

There’s been a huge fuss over AT&T’s recent throttling debacle, with the company only recently releasing an official explanation over the matter. With the carrier currently moving its resources toward rolling out 4G LTE technology, it sounds like getting customers to move on from 2G is a good way to free up that extra spectrum.

But Mark Siegel, AT&T spokesman, said the company is simply urging customers to upgrade “if they want to.” Siegel said, “We are still supporting the 2G network,” but also acknowledged that 2G customers on the 1900-megahertz band would eventually lose all service. That doesn’t sound like a choice to me.

AT&T has apparently sent notices out to customers in the New York metropolitan area, with a free upgrade offer to several 3G smartphones, including the Samsung Evergreen ($19.99) and LG GU295 ($9.99). More letters may be sent out to other customers outside of New York, MarketWatch said.

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