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Sprint Preparing to Offer $100 to Customers Who Make the Switch

by Brandon Russell | March 1, 2012March 1, 2012 5:30 pm PST

Sprint 100 buck offerIf you receive an SMS or letter in the mail from Sprint during the month of March, consider yourself lucky. A leaked document acquired by SprintFeed suggests the carrier is preparing a “Get ‘Em to Join Our Team” initiative that will see select non-customers receive a $100 service credit just for signing up.

Potential customers who receive the offer through text message will be given the option to register through a website, where an existing email and phone number are required. After successfully signing up, numbers are then required to be ported over and activated before April 18. After 30 days of service, the carrier will then credit $100 within three billing cycles.

For snail mail, the offer is slightly different. Customers who receive a letter will be given a unique identification codeĀ  for registration, with either the option to port their existing number over or to begin a new one. Letters don’t start going out until March 19, with the $100 credit cut off date set for April 15.

No details on how Sprint chooses who receives this offer were provided. But if you’ve been unhappy with your current service and always wanted to be a part of the Now Network team, you might have a $100 offer headed your way. For that much, you can pick up an 8GB iPhone 4, HTC EVO 3D or even the tough as nails Kyocera DuraPlus.

[via Sprint Feed]

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