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Apple HDTV Will Be Biggest Thing Since the Smartphone, says Analyst

by Brandon Russell | March 1, 2012March 1, 2012 5:00 pm PDT

Apple OLED TV - FrontWith the iPad 3 announcement in less than a week, the hype surrounding Apple’s fabled television set has slowly simmered. After months and months of speculation, it certainly had to come down at some point. But even with the rumor front falling a bit quiet, that doesn’t mean we don’t believe it exists. And it sounds like TechnoBuffalo is not alone.

In an interview on Bloomberg Radio, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster ran with the assumption that an Apple branded television is indeed coming. Not only that, but Munster believes, “It will be the biggest thing in consumer electronics since the smartphone.” Them’s some big words.

According to Munster, the so-called “iTV” will look drastically different than your average television. “Imagine a sheet of glass – no edges or bezels.” In addition, Munster said Apple is gearing its iTV for consumption through iTunes and iCloud, and that it would implement both traditional remote and Siri voice controls. Sure, stuff we’ve heard before.

Munster is well-known in the tech world for his adoration for everything Apple, so what he says may be more out of hope than anything else. Still, there have been similar echoing reports throughout the industry over an Apple HDTV coming to market. In what fashion, and when, will remain the biggest questions until an actual announcement is made.

Apple has supposedly tapped a “major TV component supplier,” according to Munster, and there have been rumors of the device sitting in Jony Ive’s personal office. The Cupertino-company will supposedly introduce a refresh of its Apple TV set top box next week and, according to rumors, this will be an interim solution until Apple unleashes a full-blown television set.

Who knows, though. Apple CEO Tim Cook right now thinks the little black box is merely a hobby. “Other than that, no comment.”

[via 9to5 Mac]

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