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Accessory Manufacturers Claim Next iPad Will Be Called iPad HD

by Brandon Russell | March 1, 2012March 1, 2012 10:29 am PST

iPad 2 face downForget the iPad 2S or iPad 3, when Apple unveils the next iteration in its tablet lineup, it’ll be introduced as the iPad HD. According to a purported parts listing from Griffin, and corroborated by Belkin, the Cupertino-based company looks to be going with the HD moniker to tout the device’s alleged Retina Display.

While some accessory manufacturers typically receive specifications ahead of time to have products ready for launch, it’s hard to know if this confirms the iPad HD name. Around last year’s iPhone launch, many cases popped up in anticipation of the iPhone 5 launch, but we all know how that turned out. But seeing as the iPad announcement is now less than a week away, the timing of this development seems right on schedule.

Of course, we won’t have any sort of confirmation until the March 7 announcement in San Francisco. There’s going to be a sharper display, that we know. Name, processor, camera and even whether or not it’ll have Siri are all still very much up for debate.

[via BGR]

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