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Interpol Investigation Leads to Arrests of 25 Alleged Anonymous Members

by Brandon Russell | February 29, 2012February 29, 2012 4:15 pm PST

Anonymous maskInfamous hacker group Anonymous hasn’t shied away from the spotlight in recent months. The group vocalized high-profile attacks in the wake of SOPA, and they’ve been active in that manner ever since. But it looks like perhaps Anonymous is acting too overt for its own good.

Twenty-five suspected members of the hacking group have been arrested by Interpol across four countries in Europe and Latin America. The suspects, aged 17 to 40, are accused of planning coordinated cyber-attacks against many government institutions, with the group already taking credit for the takedown of Chile’s National Library, among others.

“This operation shows that crime in the virtual world does have real consequences for those involved, and that the Internet cannot be seen as a safe haven for criminal activity, no matter where it originates or where it is targeted, said Bernd Rossbach, Acting Interpol Executive Director of Police Services.

The arrests seized over 250 items of IT equipment, mobile phones, payment cards and cash from 40 different locations in 15 separate cities. The investigation was an ongoing effort between Interpol and national law enforcement officers in Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Spain.

If all suspected members are convicted, it’s certainly a big score in the war against cyber-terror. If I were Interpol, though, I’d certainly be weary of any retaliation. In fact, Anonymous has already claimed credit for a DOS attack on Interpol’s Web site earlier this month, so there are definitely more members out there.

[via BGR]

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