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Home Tech: Banish Germs With a Touch-Free Soap Pump

by Adriana Lee | February 28, 2012February 28, 2012 11:00 pm EST

Who hasn’t walked into a bathroom, only to see a wasteland of messy bubbles left behind, or bits of who-knows-what clinging to that bar of soap? Yeeshk. It’s a germaphobe’s worst nightmare.

Well, forget that. Just stash one of these Simple Human sensor pumps in that water closet instead. There are metallic touch-free soap dispensers out there sporting a sleek, modernistic design, but these color-tinged plastic gizmos are just so charming (and they won’t be a pain in the neck to polish up all the time). Granted, they’re made for children, but is it wrong that I want one of these bathroom gadgets anyway?

They’re a little pricey, at $32 each, but the smart design may be worth it: The pumps can dispense lotion or soap, so if there are two in a bathroom, the colored caps makes it easy to tell them apart. The dispenser itself sports a silicon valve, banishing slimy drips from the sink area. And the “squirt” is even customizable, meaning you can just hit the buttons to determine how much liquid gets pushed out. Once it’s set, visitors only need to put their hands under the spout and wait for the clean, soapy goodness to arrive.

Interested? You can check out the Color-Cap Sensor Pump at Simple Human here.

Have you got a favorite home tech product? Tell us about what you’re rocking in that abode in the comments!

[via Popgadget]

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