iPhone Gas Stoves Seized in China

by Sean P. Aune | February 27, 2012

iPhone Gas Stove

It seems that Apple may be branching off into the world of gas stoves … or maybe not.

Chinese news site Sina, is reporting that authorities in Wuhan, China seized 681 gas stoves on February 23.  The issue with them?  Well, there were multiple problems such as being tagged as having passed inspection while having defects with their safety switches.  And, oh yeah, they were labeled with the “iPhone” name and carried Apple logos all over them.

The green and white boxes were clearly labeled with “Apple” (苹果) , and as you can see from the images, the iPhone name and Apple logo were plastered all over them.

iPhone Gas Stove

Apparently the iPhone and iPad trademarks are all the rage in China right now with another report citing that 39 companies have attempted to trademark the various names in categories that Apple failed to do so.  Some of the items they have attempted to trademark have been from flashlights to belt buckles with Apple always stepping in to register a protest against companies being granted permission.

iPhone Gas Stove

It’s unclear what brought the authorities in on this particular case, whether it was the trademark infringement or the bootlegged nature of the logos, but, for now, rest assured you do not need to line up at the Apple Store any time soon for a gas stove.

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