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The Amazing Spider-Man Game Trailer Looks…Decent

The Amazing Spider-Man, in case you haven’t already heard, will see a video game tie-in launch from Activision and Beenox. The trailer above features a good helping of in-game footage and the reveal of one of Spidey’s long-time foes, Rhino.

This Amazing Spider-Man tie-in title has me cautiously excited. Beenox, the studio behind the game, have shown that its capable of creating both good and not-so-good Spider-Man titles. Their most recent effort with Spider-Man: Edge of Time was lauded critically; however, Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions received a fairly positive reception. Beenox can make a good Spidey title.

Spider-Man games from last generation (I absolutely loved Ultimate Spider-Man) were sometimes quite good. To see the web-head return to former gaming glory, as is always the potential with a seemingly strong outing, would be outstanding for fans of the property like myself.

When it’s done well, there’s nothing quite like exploring a full city with web-swings. It’s fast, it’s fun and it’s addicting. Hopefully Beenox can bring that back in The Amazing Spider-Man.

This game is set to launch for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, Nintendo 3DS, DS and PS Vita (whew!) platforms on June 26th, 2012. Let’s hope it’s awesome.

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