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Apple Avoids Court Injunction in Shanghai Fight with Proview

by Sean P. Aune | February 23, 2012February 23, 2012 3:00 pm PST

iPad 2 Trademark in China

Apple has been able to avoid a court injunction on the sale of iPads in Shanghai, much to the chagrin of Proview.

As we reported yesterday, the latest battle in the trademark war between Proview and Apple over the iPad trademark was set to take place in Shanghai today.  If Proview had prevailed, it would have meant that Apple would have had to remove the iPad from its store shelves in the city, which just happens to be where three of its five official stories in all of China reside.

According to Reuters, the court opted to not grant the injunction and agreed to set the case aside until an appeal Apple filed in another portion of the case is ruled upon by the Guangdong higher court.  Roger Xie, Proview’s lawyer, told Reuters by phone, “This is a wrong decision.  We will submit an application for the court to reconsider its decision.”

All of this stems from a dispute over whether Apple purchased the trademark for the iPad name in mainland China from the correct division of the Proview company in 2009.  The former computer and display maker is currently involved in a bankruptcy and is facing the possibility of being delisted from the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in June of this year if it cannot come up with some plan for stability.  In the meantime, a long list of creditors which includes the Bank of China is now pushing for an out of court settlement in the hopes of recouping some of their lost assets.

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