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Proview Prepared for Talks with Apple in Trademark Suit

by Todd Haselton | February 21, 2012February 21, 2012 5:45 am PST

iPad - China Logo on the Back

Proview, the Chinese firm that has sued Apple and has accused it of trademark infringement over the “iPad” name, is reportedly ready for settlement discussions with Apple, AFP reported Tuesday.

Proview originally accused Apple of illegally using the iPad trademark, but Apple has argued that it purchased the rights to use the name in ten countries. Courts in mainland China have so far sided with Proview, which is asking for $2 billion in damages, and have said that Apple lacks “supporting facts and evidence” that it has the true rights to the name. However, Apple did win a case against Proview in Hong Kong.

“We are now preparing for negotiations, Proview lawyer Xie Xianghui told AFP in a statement. “The court cases will continue until we reach an agreement.” It’s unclear when negotiations will begin to take place, if they ever do, but Xianghui reportedly told the AFP that Apple only has “peaceful intentions.” We’re a bit skeptical things will end so peacefully.

Apple on Monday sent a bitter letter to Proview threatening a defamation lawsuit. “It is inappropriate to release information contrary to the facts to the media, especially when such disclosures have the effect of wrongfully causing damage to Apple’s reputation,” the letter said. The next court hearing is scheduled for Wednesday.

[via AFP]

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