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Prada Phone LG-P940 Goes Black & White (Video)

Whenever I hear brand names like Gucci, or indeed Prada, my ears tend to shut down and stop functioning. This is most likely because the price tag (at least for their fashion items) is sky high when compared to the fashion that I actually wear. However, when I looked up the price of the Prada by LG mobile phone before unboxing it, I was pleasantly surprised. The asking price for this stylish 4.3-inch Google Android mobile is certainly in-line with its competitors. So the price is right, but what about the specifications & performance? Well, I will let the video above tell the story, but would be keen to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Do you think LG have a winner on its hands with this one?

Dave Cryer

Dave Cryer started out on the Amiga, running a fan club and specialist Amiga magazine called Amigamaniac, the trend was definitely set to be heavily...