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Self-Driving Cars Approved for Nevada Roadways

by Sean P. Aune | February 17, 2012February 17, 2012 8:00 pm PDT

Google Self-Driving car

The state of Nevada has gotten ahead of the curve and approved self-driving cars to take to its roadways.

While no one is quite sure how far we are from self-driving cars being available to the masses, we do know that Google has been actively testing the concept for some time now. Audi and Volkswagen have also said that they are both working on the concept, but no word from either of those companies on when you can head down to your local dealership and pick one up.

It seems, however, that Nevada wants to make sure to welcome these vehicles with open arms and has already gone through the trouble of passing laws specific to them.  According to PC Mag, the state’s department of motor vehicles worked with Google, automobile manufacturers, testing professionals, insurance companies, universities and law enforcement to devise the laws that will cover these automobiles.  While not a lot of details were given as to what those exact laws will be, we do know that during the testing phase they will be required to have red license plates, and once they go on sale, those cars will be tagged with green plates to differentiate them from traditional human-controlled cars on the road.

Department of Motor Vehicles director Bruce Breslow said in a statement,”Nevada is the first state to embrace what is surely the future of automobiles.”  He went on to add, “These regulations establish requirements companies must meet to test their vehicles on Nevada’s public roadways as well as requirements for residents to legally operate them in the future.”

Other states are already preparing similar regulations, but no word on which each of them will approve them.

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