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LEGO Minecraft Now Available for Pre-order

by Joey Davidson | February 17, 2012February 17, 2012 5:45 pm PST

LEGO Cuusoo, the special division of LEGO that lets fans design and vote on new and original building sets, has officially rolled out the pre-order availability of the newly decided LEGO Minecraft Micro World. Fans voted on it and pushed it into the consideration stage last year, and now LEGO Cuusoo and Mojang will have their blocky set sold by J!NX, the video game inspired geek store.

The set features four separate modules that can be built upon either individually or as a group (the former of which is pictured in the upper-right corner of this post). If you buy more sets, you can connect each module to make a world as large as you like.

The blocks themselves will sport several Minecraft¬†elemental looks like glass, wood, grass, cobblestone, lava, water and sand. There will also be two mobs, Minecraft Steve and a creeper for setup and play. It’s worth noting that the characters do not look at all like traditional LEGO minifigs.

Overall, the set includes 480 pieces.

The LEGO Minecraft Micro Worlds aren’t shipping yet, but you can head to the source link below and pre-order your own for when it releases this coming summer. The set costs $34.99 (plus at least $7.49 for shipping).

It’s nerdy, but we’re probably buying at least one set. In fact, we know already that Sean Aune, our EIC, is in for one. That dork.

[via J!NX]

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