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Have You Spotted These Types of Facebook Users?

by Adriana Lee | February 17, 2012February 17, 2012 11:45 pm PDT

How many kinds of Facebookers are there? According to Buzzfeed, there are 46 different types of users (really? only 46?), including the person who thinks Facebook is a diary, the person who’s trying to get over an ex and some extremely inappropriate parents and aunties.

There are some pretty cringeworthy personalities on the list, along with a few that literally made me laugh out loud, including:


The person who only posts closeups of their face:

The person who’s always changing names:

The person who can’t photoshop:


The old person:


The person that complains about work:


The person that hates “fake people”:


The person who just shouldn’t live on this planet anymore:


For a peep at the rest, hit up the source link.

Have you spotted any of these Facebook users in this hall of shame? Or are there other types that drive you nuts, make you cringe or otherwise have you slapping your forehead? Go ahead and share in the comments below.

[via Buzzfeed]

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