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Cool Tech: Mogees Alternative Gesture Input On ANY Surface

by Adriana Lee | February 15, 2012February 15, 2012 10:15 pm PST

I’m kind of entranced with the notion of alternative inputs. Once upon a time, the idea of a handheld touchscreen device — á la Star Trek — enchanted me, and that came to fruition in full force with modern smartphones and tablets.

Now along comes Bruno Zamborlin’s Mogees to take the idea a step further. The concept also hinges on touch input, but Mogees — shorthand for “mosaicing gestural surface” — enables users to make gestures on virtually any surface they want. It uses vibration detection via a contact microphone, which can be picked up and placed anywhere. Right now, it seems to deliver interesting acoustic audio more than anything else, but it’s still wildly inventive, and suggests where a little creativity could take the idea of inputs in the future.

To see Mogees in action, hit up the video below. And then let us know — what would be your idea of an ideal alternate input scenario? Are you interested in flexible gesture-based inputs like this, or would you prefer something more visual or voice-controlled?

[via TechCrunch]

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