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HP Releases Additional Open webOS Tools For Developers

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HP on Tuesday announced that it was releasing additional developer tools for its Open webOS project. The company released a new mobile web browser called Isis, which is built on QtWebkit — a technology that was first open sourced by Nokia — and supports both CSS3 and HTML5. “We’ve benchmarked the new Isis webOS browser and have found it to be extremely responsive compared to other browsers made for general consumption,” HP’s Fred Patton said in a blog post, noting that Isis will also support the Netscape Plug-In API and Adobe Flash content. HP also released UI widgets that can be used with the Enyo 2 JavaScript Application Framework. In addition, the company named the leaders of its project management committees who will be responsible for running the various elements of Open webOS, which includes Enyo, WebKit, Isis, the Linux Standard Kernel and the webOS System Manager.

HP originally “killed” webOS in August of last year when it also decided to stop manufacturing and selling its Veer, Pre and TouchPad products. The company then turned around in January and said that it was planning to release an open source version of the operating system, under the “Open webOS” moniker. Open webOS 1.0 is currently on schedule for a September launch, The Verge said.

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