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T-Mobile U.K. Confirms It Does Not Cap Data Download Speeds At 1Mbps

by Killian Bell | February 13, 2012February 13, 2012 3:00 am PST

T-Mobile store U.K.

Following rumors that suggested T-Mobile may be capping 3G data speeds at 1Mbps for customers in the U.K., the company has released a statement to confirms these claims are false, and that its download speeds are unrestricted on every plan.

Rumors began shortly after the carrier launched its very attractive Full Monty plan, which offers mobile phone users 2,000 minutes, unlimited texts, and all the data they can eat from just £36 (approx. $57) per month. It’s by far the best plan available in the U.K. right now, but some had suggested that the Full Monty had a dirty little secret.

While it does indeed offer unlimited data, there were claims that its 3G speeds were capped at just 1Mbps — crippling downloads and web browsing speeds for subscribers. T-Mobile has now confirmed in a statement to TechRadar that this is untrue:

“We can confirm that we do not have a 1Mb/S maximum data download speed in place for The Full Monty plan – nor for any of our other pay monthly or pay as you go price plans”.

The carrier also promised that its data speeds are as good as — if not better — than any other carrier in the industry. It also boasted about its partnership with Orange, which gives customers with either network the widest 3G coverage available in the U.K.:

“We are confident that our average data speeds are as good, if not better, than anyone else in the industry.

“T-Mobile joined forces with Orange in 2010 giving customers free access to each other’s signal and coverage. Further to this, thanks to the ‘big 3G switch on’ last year, we now offer our customers the UK’s widest 3G coverage. We are constantly developing our network, and recently announced we’re investing a further £1.5billion in network improvements over the next three years.”

Some of that £1.5 billion (approx. $2.37 billion) investment will go towards preparing its network for 4G, according to TechRadar, which is yet to make its mark on the U.K.

Are you pleased to hear T-Mobile does not restrict your data speeds?

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