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Social Media Explained… With Donuts!

So how do you explain social media to someone who doesn’t use Facebook and thinks the word “Twitter” is just sexual innuendo? If you find yourself having to explain the various services to people often, here’s something that might make life a little easier — an Instagram pic that breaks it all down using the magic of donuts.

Douglas Wray’s whiteboard explication is the perfect overture for n00bs (especially ones with a thing for fried, doughy treats). Eating a donut? You want to tweet that bad boy out on Twitter. Need to spread the word about your penchant for donuts? Tell all your Facebook friends. Have some epic donut-eating skills? Brag about it on LinkedIn. Doesn’t get much simpler than that.

So the next time someone asks you what Google+ or Pinterest is, just direct them here or pass along this image. You’ll save loads of time, which you can then use to go get yourself some actual donuts.

[via, source Instagram]

Adriana Lee

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