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Watch How the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita Play Together

by Joey Davidson | February 10, 2012February 10, 2012 7:00 pm PDT

The PS Vita is more than just a portable device meant to stand on its own, away from the PlayStation 3. Sony’s done a lot to make their two major gaming experiences work well both independently and together.

The video above shows gamers a bit of what they can expect when they get their new PS Vita next to their PlayStation 3. The two units co-exist for competitive play, remote play and as an alternative way to experience the same games.

As a gamer, the idea of cross-platform play between a handheld and a console is outstanding. If I have a PS Vita and I’m on, for instance, a trip for work, I’ll still have a way to meet up with my friends on their PlayStation 3s and game. Sony hasn’t indicated which titles will share this common functionality yet, but you can bet groups of friends will find ways to play together once that roster of titles trickles out.

The PlayStation Vita is only a few weeks away from launching now. If you secured a special, early pre-order, you’ll be able to snag your console on February 15th. Otherwise, the PS Vita will be available on retail shelves starting on February 22nd in North America.

[via Joystiq]

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