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Imagine Fighting a Giant Mudcrab from Dragonback in Skyrim

During this year’s DICE convention, Bethesda’s Todd Howard got up on stage and showed off the video you see above. As it is indicated in the clip, Bethesda got together after their game was released and spent a week doing whatever they wanted to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim¬†universe.

Some of those new features were things like texture shaders, river flow direction, foliage changes and weapon additions. Other features included adoption, giant mudcrabs, dragon mounts and fighting from horseback.

No, this stuff has not been announced for inclusion in Skyrim¬†at a future date. However, from this fan’s perspective, we think Bethesda would clean up if they polished a few of these changes a bit and offered them as DLC or expansions. I know I’d pay for vampire powers and the ability to fight a fat giant.

A man can dream, can’t he?

[via Reddit]

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