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Heads Up: AT&T Doubling Upgrade Fee to $36 On February 12

by Brandon Russell | February 10, 2012February 10, 2012 4:21 pm PST

ATT Upgrade Fee 36 DollarsThinking of upgrading to a new device on AT&T? Just in time for Valentine’s Day, a leaked memo reveals that the wireless carrier plans on doubling existing upgrade fees from $18 to $36 on February 12. Ma Bell chalks up the increased fee to “sophisticated” mobile devices, thus, when the Lumia 900 hits in March, expect to pay more than anticipated.

Engadget, who got their hands on the memo, received this response from AT&T:

Wireless devices today are more sophisticated than ever before. And because of that, the costs associated with upgrading to a new device have increased and is reflected in our new upgrade fee. This fee isn’t unique to AT&T and this is the first time we’re changing it in nearly 10 years.

First news hit AT&T was changing its data plans, then a story broke about the carrier throttling subscribers after only 2GB of data, now this? Guess the company’s record smartphone sales over Q4 just isn’t going to sustain the carrier into the new year. Well, at least AT&T isn’t the only one to make this move. Sprint announced a similar increase late last year.

[via Engadget]


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