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You Can Now Order Domino’s Pizza in U.K. With The Official Windows Phone App

Domino's Pizza for Windows Phone

With pizza sales through its official mobile apps enjoying rapid growth in the U.K. in recent years, Domino’s is extending its reach with a new app for Windows Phone devices. Those with Mango-powered handsets can now order what is undoubtedly one of the finest things on Earth from the palm of their hand.

The new Windows Phone application is the seventh official release to grace a mobile platform, with apps already available for Android, iOS, and other devices. But it’s no wonder Domino’s is so focused on mobile.

The Next Web reports that in October last year, the company saw its biggest day of online sales ever, with over £1 million (approx. $1.58 million) worth of orders. 13% of those were made on a mobile device, and that figure has remained the same ever since.

The company’s iPhone app, which generated £10 million (approx. $15.8 million) on its own last year, accounts for 4.1% of all online orders. In January 2011, just three months after it hit the App Store, the app had processed over £1 million worth of orders, and accounted for 35.8% of U.K. deliveries.

Nick Dutch, Domino’s multimedia manager, told eConsultancy that the new app is a great opportunity for the company:

“With WP7 we see a great opportunity to get into the hands of loyal Nokia fans, who will be upgrading as WP7 launches.”

The Next Web’s report concludes that Domino’s U.K. was enjoying online sales of around £100,000 (approx. $158,719) twelve years ago. Today it sees £12 million (approx. $19.05 million) a year online, with its iPhone app bringing in £1 million a day alone.

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