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WSJ: Google’s Entertainment Device to Focus on Wireless Music Streaming

by Brandon Russell | February 9, 2012February 9, 2012 3:45 pm PST

Google Music App TabletRemember that mystery “entertainment device” Google filed with the FCC? A bit more information is popping up, this time from the folks at the Wall Street Journal. According to unnamed sources, the search giant is developing a home-entertainment system that would stream music wirelessly, similar to an offering like Sonos. Of course, it would integrate Android, likely controlled with apps on both smartphones and tablets running Google’s OS.

The filing uncovered last week revealed Google has been hard at work implementing a device that could connect to home Wi-Fi networks “and use Bluetooth to connect to other home electronics equipment.” Apparently Google will take designing duties, rather than handing the project off to another manufacturer. Historically, the Mountain View-based company focuses on developing the software and then lets other companies take the hardware reins.

“The new device, along with Google’s pending purchase of device maker Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc., shows how serious the Internet giant is about wanting to control both the software and hardware process, a formula used by rival Apple Inc,” the WSJ said.

This would make a lot of sense seeing as Google offers its own music store. The company has plenty of Android smartphone and tablet offerings in consumer homes; all they would need is a way to beam their music collection wirelessly around the house. As for the Sonos similarity, one person familiar with Google’s mystery project said the company’s offering would come at a more affordable price point. As an aside, home-audio hardware is an $8 billion a year industry.

The project will reportedly be available “later this year,” although no specifics were revealed.

[via Wall Street Journal]

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