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Google Working on Fix for Major Security Flaw That Exposes Your Google Wallet PIN

by Killian Bell | February 9, 2012February 9, 2012 3:00 am PDT

Google is reportedly hard at work on a fix for its Google Wallet payment system after a major security flaw that exposes a user’s PIN was uncovered today. The issue affects Google Wallet users who have a rooted Android device.

It was highlighted by zvelo, which posted the video above to YouTube, demonstrating just how easy it is to recover a user’s Google Wallet PIN with a simple application that is freely available online. All it takes is for someone to obtain your device and run this app, and they have instant access to all of your financial information, allowing them to make purchases on your credit card.

Fortunately for Google Wallet users, the issue was already brought to Google’s attention by zvelo on February 8, and the company has “agreed to work quickly to resolve it.” However, zvelo reports that Google “ran into obstacles,” and so it is yet to issue an update to fix the app.

As you can see from the video above, it’s incredibly easy for almost anyone to obtain your Google Wallet PIN once they have access to your rooted Android device, thanks to this free application that can be picked up online. Until Google issues that fix, then, be sure to maintain a firm grip on your handset.

Are you concerned by this major security flaw with Google Wallet?

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