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Analyst Predicts Apple HDTV Would Boost Revenue by $17 Billion

by Brandon Russell | February 8, 2012February 8, 2012 9:00 am PST

Apple OLED TV - FrontRumors of the oft talked about Apple HDTV have really hit a crescendo as of late, with the latest claiming Canada-based Rogers & BCE already have units for internal testing. Shortly before that, a Best Buy survey appeared querying consumers about a hypothetical TV offering from Apple, but it has since been taken down. So, even before anything substantial is announced by the Cupertino-based company, why not go ahead and start assessing potential figures? Leave no stone unturned.

Barclays Capital analyst Ben Reitzes revealed that Apple could potentially boost profits by as much as 11 percent by fiscal year 2013 if it entered the TV market. As if Apple is in need of a profit boost? The company made a killing during its first quarter, amassing an insane mountain of wealth through its iPhone, iPad and Mac lineups. But analysts will be analysts.

If Apple were to sell a TV, we continue to believe its margins and pricing could be industry leading given its vertical integration with content, said Reitzes. Siri could be used as a groundbreaking interface for a TV, which could be used as a content hub – glued together by iOS and iOS devices. In fact, Apple’s eventual television could be so much more than a TV – including gaming, video communication, content delivery, Apps, computing and all the capabilities of the current Apple TV.

Nothing we haven’t already heard. And nothing we haven’t already seen. Regardless, Reitzes believes Apple’s fabled TV line would pocket the company $17 billion in revenue during FY 2013. Well, in that case: What are you waiting for, Apple?

[via Forbes]

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