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Advertisement Androiders More Likely to Put Out On First Date

Here’s another tack on the whole smartphone wars thing. Mega online dating site enlisted a poll in Canada recently that reveals some interesting results: Apparently, Android users tend to “give it up” on a first date more than other smartphone owners.

The poll was conducted on behalf of Match by Zoomerang, an online polling/survey site that culled data from 1,068 single Canadian participants. According to the results, 62 percent of Androiders admit they’ve had sex on the first date. By comparison, 57 percent of iPhone owners admitted as much, trailed by 48 percent of BlackBerry users.

Other tidbits from the poll:

  • 55% of Android owners said they were likely to have one-night stands
  • 72% of Android owners have gone on dating websites (58% for iPhoners, 50% for BlackBerry users)
  • 25% of iPhone owners have had an office romance some time over the last five years
  • 72% of BlackBerry users will drink on the first date
  • 67% of BlackBerry users believe in love at first sight

And in general, it seems iPhone owners aren’t so great at playing games. Overall, they tend to call the next day after a date, whereas Android and BlackBerry users typically hang out for two or three dates before placing that call.

How would you interpret these results? Can a person’s choice of smartphone really be an indicator of his/her deeper romantic inclinations? Weigh in on your thoughts below.

[via Toronto Star]


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