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Apple Adds Genius Recommendations to Movies & TV Shows on Apple TV

Genius on Apple TV

Apple has quietly introduced Genius recommendations to movies and TV shows on the Apple TV. The feature, which allows users to discover new content based on titles they already enjoy, began appearing on Apple’s set-top box over the weekend, and can be accessed now using the new “Genius” option under the “Movies” and “TV Shows” menus.

Initially, it was believed that the option may have been rolled out by Apple accidentally. It first appeared with the name “ATV.Menu.MOVIE.GeniusItem,” according to MacRumors, suggesting the feature wasn’t quite ready for its public release. However, it seems Apple has now rectified that issue, and the new feature should be showing for all under the Genius name.

Apple TV Genius temp nameThe new feature will be familiar to those who already use Genius recommendations within iTunes on their PC, or the iTunes app on iOS devices. By selecting Genius on your Apple TV, the system will automatically present you with a selection of movies and TV shows that have been “recommended” based on the content you already own.

You don’t have to do anything to get the Genius feature on your Apple TV — it is rolled out by Apple and should appear automatically — so there’s no need to look out for an update.

Are you pleased that Genius recommendations for movies and TV shows are now available on the Apple TV?

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