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Hulu Picks Up More Original Content with Paul the Male Matchmaker

by Sean P. Aune | February 3, 2012February 3, 2012 7:30 pm PDT

Hulu has announced it has picked it up another original series in the form of the mocumentry comedy series, Paul the Male Matchmaker.

Set to launch February 13, Hulu will again be dipping its toe into the original content pool with the new comedy series Paul the Male Matchmaker from Sex and the City‘s Liz Tuccillo and Mad Men‘s Paul Bartholomew. The series follows a man named Paul who inherits a matchmaking business from his aunt when she passes away, but it turns out that he isn’t exactly cut out to deal in affairs of the heart.

It looks as though Hulu is about to have a very full schedule that week because the very next day they will be launching their political campaign series, Battleground.  (wouldn’t it have made more sense to launch a series about a matchmaker on Valentine’s Day than a series about the inner workings of a political campaign?)  Both series will be beaten, however as Netflix will get the drop on both series in this latest round of the streaming video service wars by debuting Lilyhammer on February 6.

The difference for this series from others is that Hulu did not finance this production like it did with Battleground, instead they licensed it to show it exclusively.  This opens up some interesting possibilites as this is how many over-the-air networks operate, and could lead to companies such as Netflix and Hulu having a lot more content that could potentially pull in viewers.

The original content fight is potentially the most intriguing, and we already know Netflix has a few more lined up, so one has to wonder just how far this could end up going.  Will we eventually see a show choose an online content provider over a traditional network?  Stay tuned.

Correction in the third paragraph, the correct debut of Lilyhammer on Netflix is February 6.

Sean P. Aune

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