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Violent Video Game Tax Could be Bound for Oklahoma

by Joey Davidson | February 2, 2012February 2, 2012 6:30 pm PDT

If Oklahoma State Representative William Fourkiller sees his proposal come to fruition, gamers in Oklahoma will pay an additional 1% state tax when they purchase games rated Teen, Mature or Adults Only. The revenue brought in from this tax would go towards state programs against child obesity and bullying.

That’s all well and good, but it isn’t until Fourkiller announced his logic for this tax that things get a little frustrating. Yes, folks, this is another ploy to prove and take advantage of the odd thought that violent games ruin children. Here’s Fourkiller:

“Violent video games contribute to some of our societal problems like obesity and bullying…but because they raise a lot of revenue, they can also provide part of the solution.”

You know what else causes obesity? Foods pumped full of sugars and fats. In fact, I’d be willing to bet that, stay with me here, there’s more of a correlation between eating junk food and obesity than one would find with playing violent games. Instead of aiming those tax crosshairs on something like properly rated video games, how about Fourkiller picks something more obviously linked to the problems at hand?

What do you think of Representative Fourkiller’s proposed plan? As a point of worth in the discussion, he is a democratic representative; one would have imagined this proposed law would be put forth by someone on the more conservative side of the fence. Does this potential law make sense? Do you buy the connection between both bullying and childhood obesity? Or, is this another case of misguided “support” and “aid?”

Bonus: If you head to the source linked below, you’ll be able to spend a few minutes of your time watching video game b-roll footage of kids with bowl cuts playing on Nintendo 64 kiosks during the late 90s.

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