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Star Wars: The Old Republic Enjoys 1.7 Million Active Users

by Joey Davidson | February 2, 2012February 2, 2012 7:00 am PDT

I don’t know, I guess Star Wars and BioWare are kind of a big deal in certain circles…

EA spoke about their big entry into the MMO market, Star Wars: The Old Republic, during a recent call with investors. It was their that the publishing giant announced that The Old Republic now has 1.7 million active players. The MMO has also had more than two million copies physically shipped to retailers.

That active players number includes anyone with an active account, regardless of how that account’s time was acquired; that means, in addition to those with pre-paid or monthly subscriptions, the number includes users that get their first month of game time free. Cancellations are not included in the count, obviously.

On the investor call, Frank Gibeau, President of EA Labels, explained that every day the game sees right around one million unique player logins; the average session length is around four hours.

When a brand new MMO steps up to the plate, it’s success will certainly be compared to previously established and long running genre giants like World of Warcraft. It would be crazy to think that Star Wars: The Old Republic would oust WoW within months of its release; heck, it probably won’t be capable of dethroning the MMO king. However, it’s sales and subscription performance is still going strong.

Have you checked out The Old Republic? Are you a fan, or is BioWare’s take on the MMORPG genre not for you?


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