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Leaked Video Reveals Details About Windows Phone 8 “Apollo”

Windows Phone 8 - Apollo

When Microsoft held its farewell CES event early last month, the company largely focused on the future of Windows and Windows Phone  – where they are now, where they’re headed, and the relationship between PC and mobile consumers. The Redmond-based company promised to offer a wholly unified OS for both, details of which have leaked out thanks to a promotional video featuring Windows Phone manager Joe Belfiore. According to PocketNow, the next, next (after Tango) Windows Phone release, code-named Apollo, will launch as Windows Phone 8.

Reportedly aimed to inspire Nokia employees, Belfiore goes into great detail in the video about the theme of Windows Phone 8, which is said to be “scale and choice.” The OS is said to add support for four different screen resolutions, multi-core processors, removable microSD cards and NFC (near-field communications).

PocketNow says Belfiore described  a “wallet experience,” with tap-to-share capabilities that will reportedly work across multiple platforms, allowing desktops, laptops, tablets and phones to all share content.

In addition, the video also reveals Windows Phone 8 will share many of Windows 8’s coding features, with devs being able to easily port an app from desktop to mobile. Belfiore also highlights an initiative Microsoft is developing that would eliminate the need to sync between a PC and phone.

Other features being worked on by Microsoft include improving Skype, a new lens app, Wi-Fi connection precedence, Xbox LIVE support, DataSmart data management and BitLocker encryption.

Might we see a video of Belfiore at the upcoming Mobile World Congress? If Microsoft wants to hype up Windows Phone, not just amongst Nokia employees, that’s certainly the stage to do it. TechnoBuffalo will be at the end of February event to bring you all the MWC news, including what Microsoft has in store.

[via PocketNow]

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