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Yahoo! Brings App Search Service to Smartphone Users in U.K.

Yahoo App Search

Yahoo!’s App Search engine has made its debut in the U.K. today. The service, which initially launched in the United States back in December, allows smartphone and tablet users running iOS and Android to search from over 500,000 titles from the comfort of their computer.

The service works with both the Google’s Android Market and Apple’s App Store, and provides direct links to both when you’ve found the application you’re looking for. Though you will have to provide the service with your mobile number, or scan the QR code it displays on your screen.

But it isn’t just about search, according to Yahoo!. The service is also designed to help you discover new applications that you never knew existed. Yahoo!’s search product marketing manager, James Gammon, explains:

“Only Yahoo App Search has both the search technology and is device agnostic so can offer users a choice of both Android and iPhone.¬†Yahoo App Search not only makes it easy to find and download apps that you are looking for but also discover new apps.”

U.K. users can access the service immediately from their computer. But is it really worth it? Well, my first impressions revealed it’s easy to use and rather helpful. But I’m not sure it offers any real advantages over simply searching or browsing the respective app stores directly.

I’ll leave it to our American cousins, who have already had access to the service for two months, to provide their feedback in the comments.

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