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RIM’s #BeBold Campaign Turns Into The Bold Team

by Brandon Russell | January 31, 2012January 31, 2012 11:00 am PST

RIM The Bold TeamWhen Thorsten Heins was appointed CEO of RIM early last week, he pledged, among other things, to right the ship by revamping the company’s marketing department. The result of his effort? The Bold Team, an animated foursome whose superpowers are … being bold? Apparently so. Each character comes with a name (like Trudy Foreal) and cheesy biography that seems to cater to the younger demographic.

If there was every any question RIM was running out of ideas in the business and professional sectors, this cartoon collective is your definitive answer. RIM had its fair share of blunders last year, and its obvious with The Bold Team the company has completely derailed from what initially brought it success: Good products with a solid OS. If the Waterloo-based company hopes to compete against iOS and Android amongst any age range, The Bold Team is a step in the wrong direction.

During New Year’s Eve, RIM introduced a pretty cool campaign asking folks how they planned to #BeBold in 2012. But this? The four characters include Gogo Girl, The Achiever; Max Stone, The Adventurer; Justin Steele, The Advocate; and Trudy Foreal, The Authentic.

With a slew of failed product launches, questionable strategies and dwindling market share, RIM is trying to recapture Old Glory by “bravely stepping out of 2011 and into 2012 filled with unlimited possibilities.” Judging from The Bold Team? I’d say the possibilities for RIM are very limited. The company should instead focus on bringing its new PlayBook OS and BlackBerry 10 handsets to market.

Need proof The Bold Team won’t be received well amongst consumers? Twitter is blowing up right now with negative #BeBold comments, including this one: “You are boldly running your company into the ground #BeBold.”

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