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T-Mobile U.K. Announces £36 Truly Unlimited ‘Full Monty’ Plan

The Full Monty

T-Mobile U.K. has announced its new Full Monty price plan which was revealed exclusively by TechnoBuffalo last week. The “ground-breaking” two-year plan starts from £36 (approx. $56.42) per month, and includes unlimited texts, unlimited data, and unlimited calls to other T-Mobile handsets.

The new plan also includes internet tethering, allowing you to share your handset’s data connection with other devices — such as a laptop or tablet — and T-Mobile promises that there are no “fair usage” restrictions applied. So you can browse the web for as long as you like, as often as you like, without fear of breaking any limit.

Prices start at £36, and that includes 2,000 anytime, any network minutes — in addition to the unlimited features listed above. For £41 (approx. $64.25), you get unlimited everything; including calls (anytime to any network), texts, and data. You really can’t get a deal like this from any other carrier in the U.K. At least not at the moment, though we suspect others will attempt to compete with the Full Monty plan soon.

There are also £46 (approx. $72) and £61 (approx. $95.59) per month options, which include the same features as the £41 package, but allow you to pay less up-front for your new handset. All of these commitments are 24 months in length, and are available with any handset, online and in-store from February 1.

If you’re living in the U.K. and you’re eyeing up a new handset, then you really ought to check out the Full Monty plan. No other carrier is offering anything like this at the moment.

Will you be getting your next handset from T-Mobile?

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