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NYC Police Use “Find My iPhone” to Catch iPhone Thief

by Adriana Lee | January 28, 2012January 28, 2012 6:00 am PST

Maybe it’s a revenge fantasy thing, but I love stories in which nasty crooks get what they deserve. And this one, reported on by the New York Times, wasn’t just a tale of a bad guy being foiled, but it boasted a clever trick to boot. Literally.

A NYC woman was shopping at a handbag store at 57th Street and Sixth Avenue in Manhattan recently when a man, brandishing a gun, made off with her phone. The police searched the area, which was unsurprisingly ineffective. Then police officer Robert Garland got an idea. He took down the victim’s iTunes account info and entered it into his own iPhone. Seems like he went for the platform’s “Find My iPhone” feature, since he managed to map the perp’s whereabouts.

The police scoured the area at 49th Street and Eighth Ave. And the thief, who was indeed there, tried to snake right on by the officers with the phone stealthily tucked away into his boot. Well, it was stealthy right up until the device started beeping like crazy.

The cops had engaged the “Play Sound” feature in “Find My iPhone.”

Old-fashioned mugging, modern-tech apprehension. Gotta love it.

[via New York Times/City Room blog]

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