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WSJ Claims Facebook Filing IPO Papers Next Wednesday

Mark Zuckerberg FacebookWith over 800 million worldwide users, Facebook is finally going to offer the public a slice of the company. The social network will reportedly file documents for its IPO as early as next Wednesday, with a current valuation of $75-100 billion, a Wall Street Journal source said.

As far as Web investments go, Facebook’s IPO will easily be one of the hottest ticket items in town. Morgan Stanley is rumored to be the strong frontrunner for the “lead left” position once papers are filed. Both Facebook and Morgan Stanley declined to comment on the matter, however. Another high-ranking competitor for lead position is said to be Goldman Sachs, who also declined to comment.

To put Facebook’s $75-100 billion assessment in perspective, Google was previously valued at $23 billion in 2004, although that was long before the search giant introduced Android. Still, that’s a lot cooler than a million dollars, isn’t it?

Will you get in on the action if Facebook goes public?

[via The Wall Street Journal]

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