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Microsoft Wants to Build Kinect Directly Into Your Next Computer

by Brandon Russell | January 27, 2012January 27, 2012 10:30 am PDT

Windows 8Kinect for Windows is nothing new. The popular motion sensing peripheral was announced for the PC crowd at Microsoft’s last ever CES keynote appearance earlier this month. But with the upcoming release of Windows 8, it sounds like the Redmond-based company will get even more serious about Kinect technology by building it directly into future computers.

Folks over at The Daily got a sneak peak at how the integration would look by scoping out what appeared to be an Asus built prototype netbook running Windows 8. Rather than a webcam, the device instead featured “an array of small sensors stretching over the top of the screen.”

In terms of functionality, there are hundreds of different ways that motion control could be leveraged in a portable. Gaming has the most obvious applications, but a Kinect-enabled laptop could also toggle between programs with the wave of a hand, or media controls could be tweaked with the wag of a finger, The Daily wrote. What’s more, motion-controlled portables could offer a new way for disabled individuals to interact with their devices.

A public preview of Windows 8 is expected to hit next month, likely giving us a glimpse at how Kinect technology can change the PC experience. Because Microsoft plans to license out the motion technology to hardware manufacturers, it’ll be up to makers like the aforementioned Asus on how creative or dull Kinect integrates. If manufacturers duplicate the Xbox 360 experience in a portable package, think of all the impromptu Just Dance 3 sessions you can get in while on vacation.

[via The Daily]

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