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HP Says Farewell to Former Palm Head, Jon Rubinstein

by Sean P. Aune | January 27, 2012January 27, 2012 11:15 am PST

Jon Rubinstein

Jon Rubinstein, the former CEO of Palm, has fulfilled his duties to HP and has made his way out the door.

When Hewlett-Packard purchased Palm in 2010, they got Jon Rubinstein, the CEO of the company at the time, in the deal.  His agreement with HP was for 12 to 24-months, and according to a brief statement from company spokeswoman Mylene Mangalindan, “Jon has fulfilled his commitment and we wish him well.”  Mr. Rubinstein told All Things D of his immediate plans, “I am going to take a well deserved break after four and a half years of developing webOS.”

Seeing as HP opted to move webOS into the open source software market back in December, it makes sense that Mr. Rubinstein might not have a whole lot to do around the HP hallways any more.  Considering his past heading up its iPod division at Apple, and leading Palm, even if not entirely successfully, won’t have too much trouble finding more work out there in the tech industry.

What do you think about Rubinstein’s departure from HP?

[via All Things D]

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