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T-Mobile U.K.’s New Plan is Everything You’ll Ever Need for £36 Per Month [Exclusive]

The Full Monty

T-Mobile U.K. is set to introduce a new price plan from February 1 that offers British subscribers everything their smartphone will ever need for just £36 (approx. $54.46) per month. It’s called “The Full Monty” plan, a trusted tipster revealed exclusively to TechnoBuffalo, and one of its best features includes truly unlimited data.

It’s a 24-month plan that you should have no concerns about committing to. It includes 2,000 cross-network anytime minutes, which also allow you to call voicemail and 08 numbers for free — something many U.K. carriers do not offer. Everything else is truly unlimited; including unlimited texts, unlimited data, and unlimited calls to other T-Mobile subscribers.

What’s more, the plan is said to be fixed at that price regardless of the handset you take with it, unlike Three’s One Plan, which starts at £25 (approx. $39) per month and fluctuates depending on the handset you choose.

The plan is set to be the cheapest available to pay monthly customers in the U.K., and one of the few that offers truly unlimited data. The only deal we’ve found around that price with similar benefits is a SIM-only plan from Orange which offers 1,200 minutes, unlimited texts, and 1GB of data for £31 (approx. $48.62). And I think that just proves what a bargain the The Full Monty plan will be.

Are you looking forward to T-Mobile’s Full Monty Plan?

Killian Bell

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