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Steam’s Got an Android and iOS App Now (The Horror!)

by Joey Davidson | January 26, 2012January 26, 2012 7:00 pm PDT

Valve has officially launched the Steam mobile app for both the Android Marketplace and iOS App Store. It’s available right now and is being sold for $0.00. That price appears to be permanent, of course.

What will downloading the application give you access to? You’ll be able to browse and shop the Steam library and chat with your Steam friends on the go. It’s like taking the nerdiest (best) part of your computer with you wherever you go.

Okay, so what’s with “The Horror!” Steam sales. They happen a few times a year, and they bring with them a tidal wave of absurd discounts, savings and deals committed gamers can’t skip. Well, they can skip them, if they choose to step away from their computers for the duration. But this?

This makes Steam sales and their glorious discounts completely mobile. There’s no escape from the savings, no respite from the bank account devouring must-buys. Steam, why have you forsaken us!?

In all sincerity, this companion app should be a great addition to any computer gamer’s arsenal. Most gamers are big fans of the Steam marketplace and community features, having them in your pocket at all times is a nice way to extend that experience to times away from home.

Plus, Steam sales are genuinely wonderful. Gaming on a budget is entirely possible every time another one rolls around, so being able to ensure you won’t miss any of the best deals is actually a really good bit of new…


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