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iPhone 5 Ready for Production, Hitting in the Summer, Claims Foxconn Source

by Brandon Russell | January 25, 2012January 25, 2012 12:00 pm PST

iPhone 5 mockupA source inside key Apple supplier Foxconn claims the next iPhone is currently being geared up for production, with a summer release to follow. The source also said there are a number of sample devices floating around the plant, each varying slightly, leading them to believe a final design hasn’t yet been chosen. They do share similarities, however.

Among them are a 4+ inch display, no tear drop design, longer and wider, and redesigned to contrast the iPhone 4/iPhone 4S form factor. Absent from the source’s claim is any mention of 4G LTE support, although if its just hardware they saw it would be difficult to surmise if it’ll be included in Apple’s next device.

The Cupertino-based company endured a longer than normal release cycle with its iPhone 4S, and many were disappointed when the phone was revealed to share the same design as the previous generation. Will Apple go back to its old iPhone summer schedule? It’s hard to say. What makes this particular insider information believable, at least as far as rumors go, is that the same source last year indicated no iPhone 5 was hitting in 2011, instead saying we’d see the iPhone 4S.

Last year Apple was said to have begun production on its iPhone 4S during the spring, giving the company a few months buffer before finally releasing it in the fall. If production on the next iPhone has indeed gotten underway, then the iPhone 5, or whatever it’ll be known as when it hits, will arrive sooner than expected.

[via 9to5mac]

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