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Samsung Goes on the Offensive Again with Two New Apple Bashing Ads

by Brandon Russell | January 24, 2012January 24, 2012 10:45 am PST

In the run up to its upcoming Super Bowl 46 ad, Samsung has taken yet another swipe at Apple and its droves of mindless, out-of-touch sheep. This time, Galaxy S II owners snidely comment about “latte art” and “urban camping,” Samsunging them with the Android device’s blazing fast 4G speeds.

The first commercial reintroduces us to the “dude, you’re a barista” guy and his “creative” friend in, where else, a coffee shop. The barista’s buddies show up decked out in camping gear, and one of them excitedly says, “We gotta go stake out a camping spot, bro.”

In no time flat, the Galaxy S II owner, without ever knowing where they were camping in the first place, books a campsite. “I just booked us a campsite, people,” he says, overly impressed with himself.

“We’re not going real camping. We gotta get in line to get the new phone.”

The second ad shows a hilarious love triangle between an Apple fan, his beloved iPhone, a retail store employee, and a demonstration of “type with your voice.” When the Apple fan is eventually confronted about why he won’t change his smartphone allegiance, he’s left befuddled.

With its latest ads, Samsung wants to make a clear distinction between iPhone users (dirty hipsters), and Samsung Galaxy S II owners (Gap advertisements). Clearly the company doesn’t want to convert Apple users to Android users, as these ads continue to divide the two OS cultures.

Also: I think it’s time to move on from this “Apple fans camp out” theme.

Brandon Russell

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