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Eufloria HD Coming to iPad in February

by Joey Davidson | January 24, 2012January 24, 2012 9:30 pm PST

The gorgeous, simple and unique Eufloria is about to get time on a completely different platform: the iPad.

Here’s what the developer of the game wrote in the YouTube description in order to tease a bit of what fans can expect:

Eufloria HD will feature many of the improvements we brought to PSN, plus a whole raft of additional tweaks and features. We completely rewrote the user interface to be perfect for touch devices, iPad specifically. There are also new tracks from Milieu, and we have some more surprises lined up in the first update. Enjoy.

They also commented on the video itself and indicated that an Android version of the game may be in the cards; its creation depends on one thing:

There may well be an Android version, but only if the iPad release does well enough.

iPad owners, do your part and pick up the game once it becomes available. Eufloria was brilliant on the PlayStation 3 when it released late last year. It also gathered a nice cult following when it was released on the PC platform back in 2009. It is truly a one of a kind experience.

An exact release date and price have not been announced for Eufloria HD. Come February, check the App Store often in order to see when it lands and how much it’ll run you.

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