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Analysts Make Their Predictions for Apple’s Q1 2012 Earnings

Apple will announce it first quarter earnings for its fiscal year 2012 later today, and the analysts are pouring in with their predictions of what we might see.

Once again it seems that everyone is predicting a record quarter, but they did so last time as well, and they ended up being disappointed.  Fortune rounded up the predictions of 51 different analysts – 17 independent analysts and 34 who work for large investment houses or research organizations – and they all seem to concur that Apple is on track for another record breaking quarter.  A few come in under the record, but not by a whole lot.  You can see the chart below (click for a larger view), and you can see that things look pretty good for Apple this quarter.

Apple Q1 2012 analyst chart


Fortune also compiled what they feel to be “the whisper numbers” – the predictions that Wall Street “whisper” to one another, and if a company fails to meet them, can drive the stock down – and they are also pretty generous.

  • Revenue: $41.87 billion
  • EPS: $11.57
  • iPhone unit sales: 31.73 million
  • iPod unit sales: 15.7 million
  • Mac unit sales: 5.14 million
  • iPad unit sales: 14.17 million
  • Gross margin: 42.1%

The predictions aren’t always correct however as this chart from Piper Jaffray shows by comparing the predicted earnings per share (EPS) against the actual results.  (keep in mind the last column is even a prediction for the actual)

Apple guidance results - from Piper Jaffray, Company reports

We’ll know this afternoon who got it right, but how do you think Apple did this quarter?

[via Fortune]

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