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Tablet and Ebook Ownership Nearly Doubles Over the Holidays

by Brandon Russell | January 23, 2012January 23, 2012 4:45 pm EST

Tablet and e-reader ownershipIt seems folks were feeling mighty generous last holiday season. Pew Research is reporting that U.S. tablet and e-reader ownership nearly doubled during the busy time frame, with the Kindle Fire, Nook Tablet and iPad leading the charge.

According to the research company’s Internet and American Life Project, where nearly 2,000 adults were surveyed, 19 percent of Americans owned an e-reader or tablet as of early January, jumping 9 percent in only a month. To illustrate how accessible and desired tablets have become, my 90-year-old grandma asked for an iPad 2 for Christmas, which my family gladly purchased for her. Crazy, right?

Both Amazon and Barnes & Noble introduced wallet-friendly tablets before last year’s buying season got underway, and Pew‘s study confirms they were a hit along with Apple‘s iPad. What’s interesting is that both men and women were likely to own a device, although Pew noted that ownership was more prevalent among consumers with higher education and income.

The tablet market is really starting to kick into gear, with the Kindle Fire and iPad in particular really duking it out for market share. The iPad currently holds top spot, and is sure to continue its dominance once the iPad 3 hits in its rumored March timeframe. With more and more consumers jumping into tablet ownership, who knows what the ownership figure will be when 2012 comes to a close.

[via Reuters]

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