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Japanese Hardware Sales Dip; 3DS at 100k, Vita at 18k

Another week has passed and hardware and software sales results in Japan have been reported by Media Create. Compared to last week, the statistics show a seemingly major drop in sales. That, however, may be a bit deceiving.

According to Media Create, the Japanese data collection agency responsible for the hardware sales numbers you see below, market performance for gaming in Japan is typically within this range during this time of year. While the sales stats may look low, last year’s sales at this time were not that much stronger.

Here are the hardware sales results for the week of 1/9/12 through 1/15/12:

Nintendo 3DS – 100,668 (240,819)
PlayStation 3 – 30,332 (74,459)
PSP – 22,538 (71,033)
PS Vita – 18,361 (42,915)
 – 14,179 (49,525)
Xbox 360 – 1,519 (2,738)
DSi LL – 1,515 (3,971)
DSi – 1,206 (3,565)
PlayStation 2 – 766 (1,323)

Sony recently said that they’re not worried about the PS Vita’s sales results in Japan. They indicated that, despite the numbers being reported on a weekly basis, the hardware has been received well. They also said that the software they have planned for the system’s western launch will work well to gain the favor of gamers outside Japan.

February 22nd will tell us if that’s the case.

Do you think the Japanese sales results for hardware are at all telling when it comes to the worldwide performance of video game consoles? The Xbox 360 argues that it’s not.

[via Media Create]

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