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How iPhone Users React When They Drop Their Phones (video)

by Brandon Russell | January 23, 2012January 23, 2012 6:15 pm PST

People who are fortunate enough to narrowly escape death typically experience a phenomenon known as Life Review: a rapid chronological sequence of a one’s life history in extreme detail. For Portlandia’s Carrier Brownstein, all it took was the drop of her iPhone.

In a hilariously edited flashback, Brownstein relives her life of iPhone bliss as her beloved device falls to the concrete in excruciating slow mo. We see her happily unbox the device, use it during a game bar trivia, snap photos for posterity, and give it a kiss goodnight. Her iPhone even stops a hunter’s wayward bullet.

This level of sentimental attachment isn’t exclusive to iPhone owners, or even gadget lovers. Still, it’s funny to see how a simple smartphone can affect one’s life, or even shatter it should anything traumatic happen.

Have you ever experienced this?

Brandon Russell

Brandon Russell enjoys writing about technology and entertainment. When he's not watching Back to the Future, you can find him on a hike or watching...