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350,000 Textbooks Downloaded from Apple in Three Days, says Analyst

by Sean P. Aune | January 23, 2012January 23, 2012 8:30 am PST

According to one third-party report, Apple saw 350,000 textbooks downloaded from iBooks in the first three days of its new education initiative.

Global Equities Research is reporting that its proprietary tracking system – which they do not share any details as to how it works – saw 350,000 textbooks downloaded in the first three days following the announcement of their availability by Apple.  The firm also reported that the new iBooks Author app was downloaded over 90,000 times in that same time period.

The research firm went on to list that publishers can look forward to 80 percent of the publishing costs being reduced due selling their books through iBooks, as well as eliminating the percentage taken out by having to wholesale the texts via the antiquated retail formula.  Global Equities Research analyst Trip Chowdhrysaid of the numbers, “[This is] a recipe for Apple’s success in the textbook industry.”

While impressive numbers for a brand new product, the report from the research firm doesn’t list any differentiation between how many of these books and applications went to actual students or authors as opposed to those simply satisfying curiosity seekers.  Seeing as there are only eight textbooks currently available, and the one with the most reviews thus far is the free copy of E.O. Wilson’s Life on Earth, it isn’t difficult to assume that this was indeed the case.  The true test will be this fall when students begin returning to class or entering college for the first time.

Have you downloaded any of the textbooks yet?

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